The idea of WINGS (Wellbeing Improvement for New Generations at Schools) has been conceived as all partners’ concern is to find ways to provide the conditions in which student physical, mental, affective, social and academic potential can grow and flourish and equip them with skills for their successful transition to the labor market and dynamic involvement in a knowledge-dependent economy.

Knowing the value of cultural heritage as it shapes identities, assists sustainable growth and generates employment, we can inspire students and stimulate their interest in learning and the acquisition of qualifications to seek jobs while immersing them into the wealth of our shared culture and empowering their European identity.

Trying to handle early school leaving and the social inclusion of disadvantaged students, we have decided on our MAIN OBJECTIVE: IMPROVING OUR STUDENTS’ WELLBEING by focusing on 5 SPECIFIC WELLBEING AREAS (SCHOOL,SOCIAL,EMOTIONAL,MENTAL,PHYSICAL).

1-boost exchange of good practices
2-foster international cooperation among schools
3-raise awareness of the positive contribution of Europe’s Cultural Heritage so that Ss will acquire social and civic skills as well as other key skills like languages and ICT.


The main ACTIVITIES will be:
1-ONE SHORT-TERM JOINT STAFF TRAINING EVENT -eTwinning and twinspace: our platform to discuss, collaborate and disseminate, whose aim is for all partners to master the eTwinning platform, our central tool for cooperation, communication and dissemination.
In the first one, we will focus on the general wellbeing notion: -Assessing, reporting, comparing and analysing our Ss’ current wellbeing status. In the other five, specific wellbeing areas will be dealt with:
-SCHOOL: Prevention campaigns against school violence. Action protocols and mediation groups
-SOCIAL: Your FAKE-book, INSTA-gram, TWIT-ter life should never be better than your real one -EMOTIONAL: Keep calm and … or how to control stress and anxiety to improve our Ss’ disposition and academic performance -MENTAL: Make the most of your mistakes & Let’s believe in ourselves!!!
-PHYSICAL: We are what we eat & Just do it!!!

The project METHODOLOGY will be a mixture of virtual and physical cooperation of transnational teams of Ss and Ts to analyse Ss’ wellbeing status and search for measures to improve it. Ss’ physical cooperation with Ss from countries will raise curiosity in education and help mainly those disadvantaged or at exclusion risk explore the importance of wellbeing while increasing their motivation and reducing early school leaving. eTwinning will be crucial for collaborative work as different online activities will be done before, during and after mobilities.

The main RESULTS will be:
-Healthy eating habits Cookbook
-Wellbeing Surveys and reports
-Video ads:Physical exercise benefits
-Local sports&games eGuide
-TEDx like talks on mental wellbeing
-eManual: How to control anxiety before and during exams
-Comic and YES/NO video-ads on “Want to improve social skills? Try to … and say I love U”
-School violence prevention campaigns
-Mediation case studies role-plays
-eGuide: Cultural Heritage of…